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TwinTrak Pro得Future Music白金獎

It makes us extremely proud to observe both the buzz surrounding the TT Pro at the AES convention and the excellent reception it’s received over here. The first reviews have been fantastically complimentary, Martin Holmes delivering considerable praise in the recent winter edition of Future Music. The Platinum award is a much appreciated recognition of the TT Pro’s exceptional design and value for money.

Focusrite would like to thank Future Music for this kind accolade. Obviously, we think that our products rock but it’s reassuring to have this opinion validated by highly respected authorities on the subject. Big up the TT Pro!

The Liquid Channel wins coveted PAR award

Everyone did indeed ‘need Liquid’. Focusrite were the talk of the show, with Pro Audio Review's coveted PAR Excellence Award as testimony to the excitement.

A team of PAR’s undercover agents were sent round to scan the show for new and exciting products that were, quite simply, a cut above the rest. Innovative and focused features, alongside outstanding performance and unique build qualities, ensured The Liquid Channel stood out amongst the competition.

The PAR award is almost inevitably a sign of things to come, with every journalist and music professional the world over eager to get their hands on a review unit as soon as possible.

Focusrite would like to extend thanks to PAR for realising true innovation. The Liquid Technology represents a new era for audio recording - a true signal processing revolution.

VoiceMaster Pro/Blue Baby Bottle bundle offer

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(UK distribution only)

Now for a limited time, you can experience the award-winning VoiceMaster Pro and the Baby Bottle mic at incredible savings. The Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro channel strip is perfect for all vocal styles, with unique features such as the famous Focusrite Class A mic pre, Vintage Harmonics, latency-free monitoring, optional 24 bit/96 kHz A/D and more.

The Baby Bottle, Blue’s latest addition to their award-winning family of professional microphones, is a solid-state, class A discrete condenser mic with a fixed pattern of cardioid, hand-crafted with the precision Blue has become famous for. The bundle also includes Blue’s hi-definition Blueberry mic cable for the ultimate in connectivity.

But hurry, our big fat audio wedding is available only for a limited time. Head down to your favorite church — er, pro audio dealer — and ask for a demo: you’ll quickly discover why this is a match made in heaven. And like the wise vicar says, "If any persons here present know of any just reason why these two should not be wed, let them speak now or forever record on inferior equipment."