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<font color=#ff3300>TEC 2002得獎名單公佈!!</font>


I. Outstanding Creative Achievement 傑出創作成就獎
Studio Design Project: Right Track Studio A509, New York City
Tour Production: U2
Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast: The Concert for New York City
Film Sound Production: The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring
Television Sound Production: Late Show with David Letterman
Record Production/Single or Track: "The Space Between," Everydayave Matthews Band
Record Production/Album: The Look of Love, Diana Krall

II. Outstanding Technical Achievement 傑出技術成就獎
Ancillary Equipment輔助設備: Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones  Call MidiMall if you need
Digital Converters數位轉換器: Apogee Electronics AD-16/DA-16 Call MidiMall if you need 

Amplifier Technology擴大機: Bryston 6B-ST      搭配PMC的絕佳組合
Mic Preamplifier Technology麥克風前級: George Massenburg Labs 2020(GML 2020) Call MidiMall if you need 
Microphone Technology/Sound Reinforcement外場麥克風: AKG C900
Microphone Technology/Studio錄音室麥克風: Neumann M150
Wireless Technology無線麥克風: Shure ULX
Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology外場喇叭: JBL MPro MP418SP Crown-Powered Subwoofer
Studio Monitor Technology錄音室監聽喇叭: Mackie HR-624       Call MidiMall if you need  
Musical Instrument Technology樂器科技: Propellerhead Software Reason Call MidiMall if you need 
Signal Processing Technology/Hardware訊號處理硬體科技: Eventide Eclipse Call MidiMall if you need 
Signal Processing Technology/Software訊號處理軟體科技: Waves Restoration Bundle Call MidiMall if you need 
Recording Devices錄音設備: Mackie Designs MDR24/96
Workstation Technology工作站技術: Digidesign Pro Tools|HD       Call MidiMall if you need 
Sound Reinforcement Console Technology外場混音台技術: Midas Venice
Small-Format Console Technology小型混音台技術: Tascam DM-24
Large-Format Console Technology大型混音台技術: SSL MT Production (MTP)