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The VST-Sampler


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HALion means a revolution in the world of virtual studio samplers. Never before has a software sampler been more intuitive and productive.

A new, unprecedented navigation system and drag and drop makes working with your samples faster and easier than ever. Pristine sound quality is achieved through 32 Bit support and various filter types with a cutoff slope of up to 24 dB.

Sample-accurate timing and seamless integration with Cubase VST makes HALion the perfect sampler for optimizing your workflow within the VST system.

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Feature 內建由wizoo 與eLAB提供的Sample超過1.6GB

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Feature 支援高達32 Bit

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Feature drag & drop方式

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Feature 16-way multi-timbral

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Feature 12組虛擬輸出

Feature Wave Loop編輯器

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Feature EXS 24, AKAI, E-MU, REX, SF2, LMo4-script, SDII規格支援