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NEW Fathead Live/Studio Instrument head
The Fathead takes studio quality onto the stage, and stage sounds/effects into the studio. Designed as an instrument pre amp, the Fathead delivers awesome sound in every situation, and can be footswitch controlled. - COMING SOON

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NEW- hear the fathead in action on guitar!
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立體壓縮器. Joemeek has built its reputation on the classic warm sound of their photo optical stereo compressor circuit. Our latest Stereo compressor utilises this unique device to it's full potential... 

NEW - MC2 立體壓縮器
The MicroMeek MC2 stereo Compressor is agressive stereo compression in a tiny package. A professional quality interface and true optical compression make the MC2 an incredibly valuable studio tool.
SC2.2 錄音室等級立體壓縮器
The SC2.2 Stereo Compressor offers the sound of the classic SC2 V1.05 compressors at an incredibly low cost.  Perfect for the digital recording studio where serious compression with power is lacked!  The SC2.2 will provide the missing link between a studio and hit records.

麥克風前級. Joemeek is renowned for stunning mic pre amps, making the vital link between a musician and Studio.  Keeping the performance sounding real!

MicroMeek MQ1 電腦介面

NEW product for home computer recording... The MQ1 offers a complete recording channel, inside your computer. Superb performance mic pre with phantom power, all provided from inside your computer! Also with JOEMEEK optical compressor and Meequalizer.

MicroMeek VC3Q 麥克風/樂器前級

The VC3Q gives the small studio and performing musician access to amazing sounds with its mic pre, compressor and Meequalizer.

VC1Qcs 錄音室麥克風前級+壓縮器
Versatile direct to tape channel with a warm and characterful 1960's sound. The combination current mode mic-pre, photo optical JOEMEEK compressor, enhancer /de-esser and JOEMEEK meequalizer, provides an analogue signal processing path which is second to none for live recording, studio vocals and instruments. <Digital output optional>


Dual current mode mic pre, photo compressor, EQ channel. With unique dual mono/stereo optical compressor. Extremely highly featured. Delivers superb sonic performance with a distinctly 'British' flavour. <Digital output optional>

即將登場- October 21st-16軌過帶用前級
For installations and digital systems, the new iX-oneCS packs 16 channels of Currentsense pre amplifier into a 2u space.

Trident-MTA 系列

Trident-MTA Series80b
The Series 80 is a dual channel of Trident Audio Developments' most famous and successful console.
Trident-MTA EQ/Pre amp range
DuThe Trident-MTA range of EQ and pre amplifiers stands for the highest audio quality. See complete product line


SC2 錄音室等級立體壓縮器

- exclusive to USA
The SC2 Stereo Compressor is the classic Meek in every sense of the word. This re issue of the original v1.05 is exclusive to the USA and Canada.
see for details

newly updated British channel, includes the amazing performance CS mode mic pre amplifier.

其他系列產品. JOEMEEK is also known for the amazing JM47 and TrakPak kits.  Read on, and find out more..

JM27 'Meekrophone'
Our 'pencil' mic offers true, precise and un-coloured sound from virtually any instrument source.

JM47 'Meekrophone'
Our JM47 microphone offers the full classic sound of a large diaphragm mic, coupled by a high standard quality audio transformer.  The unit is supplied in a rugged case with a shockmount and mic cable. 

JM478 'Super S Meekrophone'
New version of the JM47, the JM478 offers supreme figure 8 pattern for stereo and surround applications

Our all valve meekrophone sounds even more imressive than it looks...

JM47 TrakPak
The JM47 TrakPak combines the winning combination of the JM47 Meekrophone with a VC3v2 Pro Channel (see below) to give the recording engineer everything needed to get great sounds from a location captured perfectly.  The TrakPak comes fitted into a rugged flight case for the professional on the move!
JM47 Studio Pack
For the serious professional, this recording package incorporates the JM47, and VC1Qcs Studio Channel, with its new current mode mic pre.

VC3 Accessories
Rack ear kit for JOEMEEK VC3Q Pro Channel/ C2 Stereo Compressor.  Makes these units into full 1U rackmount configuration...

Other JOEMEEK products
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