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JV1010+DrumnBass卡/Alesis QS7二手

Roland JV1010+DrumnBass音色卡  NT$9000!!

JV-1010 64發聲數合成音源機<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


Roland JV-1010 64發聲數合成音源機可能看起來小小的,但它的聲音卻是十分壯闊! 這是因為它1/2U的體積中,蘊含著 Roland最受好評的JV-1080/2080音源機,以及"Session" 音色擴充卡中的音色群,而且還具備一個插槽,可以再加裝Roland的 SR-JV80系列音色擴充卡。也就是說,它內建了1,023種高品質的音色,當擴充後更會超過1200種音色可用!

  • 半U機櫃空間的整合性可擴充式合成音源機,64個發聲數
  • 包含JV-1080 以及JV-2080 音源的所有傳奇音色,並再加上"Session" 音色擴充卡的音色 (未擴充時共有1,023種音色)
  • 配備一個擴充槽,可以依需要,再加裝您喜歡的SR-JV80系列音色擴充卡
  • 直覺式的旋鈕控制,以及清楚明白的操作介面
  • 專門的殘響與和聲效果處理,再加上內建40種演算法的EFX效果群組
  • 利用預聽按鈕以及Category/Bank旋鈕,可以很方便地搜尋所要的音色
  • 相容於GM 規格
  • 另附音色編輯軟體的光碟片

發聲部:16●最大發聲數:64●效果器:EFX:40,Chorus,Reverb(8種)●預設記憶:音色數:895=128x5群組(與JV-2080相同;包括128個GM相容音色)+255個取自 "Session",●演奏組記憶:64=32x2組,鼓組:18=2x5群組(與JV-2080相同,包括2套GM相容鼓組)+8組取自"Session"●使用者設定:音色:128,演奏組記憶:32,鼓組: 2●音色波形擴充槽:SR-JV80系列音色擴充卡:1●顯示幕:3字元LED,5個LED指示燈●連接端子:輸出(L/Mono,R),耳機,MIDI(In/Out/Thru),電腦介面(Mac/PC-1 /PC-2),電源●外型大小:218(W)x237(D)x45(H)mm●重量:1.4公斤●附件:AC變壓器(ACI/ACB系列),CD-ROM光碟●選購配件:SR-JV80系列音色擴充卡



Alesis QS7 76鍵超級工作站  NT$18000


Keyboard 76 keys (with dynamic + aftertouch)
Synthesis types - PCM synthesis
- Sample Import features are available using optional Flash RAM card (max 8Mb) via Alesis SoundBridge software (CDROM Mac/Win included)
Sample ROM/RAM Max 32Mb: 16Mb standard ROM + max 16Mb optional RAM (via ROM/Flash RAM cards)
Poliphony 64 notes.
Politimbral 16 parts (16 independent MIDI channel in MIX mode)
Analog Out 1 stereo group + 2 individual assignable outputs
Digital Out 1 ADAT Optical (4 output lines enabled) with WordClock IN
External Control 2 control pedals + 1 Sustain switch pedal
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Real Time Control 2 wheel (assignable Pitch Bend + Modulation), 1 volume + 4 assignable control sliders, switch and control pedals
Display graphic LCD (2 lines x 16 character)
Sounds - 16Mb ROM internal samples (16-bit/48KHz)
- 640 Programs (512 preset + 128 user) including up to 4 sounds each
- 500 Mix (400 preset + 100 user) including up to 16 Programs with independent MIDI cannels
Song sequencer SMF Player type. This is enabled to read song files directly from optional Flash RAM card (a Flash RAM can load up to 50 songs thru the Alesis SoundBridge software)
Arpeggiator NO. Anyway a special "Traking Generator" can be used in order to create mini-sequences. Rhythmic Loop are also provided
Effects - 1 multiprocessing system (Alesis Q2 type).
- Up to 4 independent aux sends with advanced effect routing
- Up to 8 simultaneous effects (depending from the selected configuration)
Special Features - Direct connection to computer (Mac/Win) thru built-in Host port
- Master Keyboard functions (up to 16 MIDI channels)
- Multi-layer ROM Samples (for realistic dynamic response)
- Rhythm/instrumental mini-sequence with tune contol via keyboard w/out tempo change
- Digidesign SampleCell sample/instrument format compatibility (thru SoundBridge soft)
- GM/SMF compatibility
Included Software (CD-ROM) - Licenced (Mac/Win): Alesis SoundBridge, Steinberg Cubasis, M.O.T.U Unisyn
- Licenced (Mac): Opcode Galaxy QS Series Module
- Shareware (Mac): SoundEffect
- Other: Demo Varie (Mac/Win)
NOTE: The licenced software is valid for upgrade request
Mass Storage Up to 2 ROM / Flash RAM optional cards (8Mb max/each)
Cards can be removed and reinstalled instantly without the need to turn off the QS7
Size & Weight 1124 (L) x 89 (A) x 292 (P) mm / Kg. 14,9