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SRX-06/07/08/09 Feature Classic Waves from Popular SR-JV80-Series


July 20, 2002

Roland has announced four new SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards: SRX-06 "Complete Orchestra," SRX-07 "Ultimate Keys," SRX-08 "Platinum Trax," and SRX-09 "World Collection." Each user-installable board contains 64MB of high-quality waveforms and hundreds of new Patches for "SRXpandable" Roland instruments like the XV-Series, Fantom and RD-700. But unlike other SRX-Series titles, these four expansions take their waveforms from Roland's best-selling SR-JV80-Series--reprogrammed into entirely new sounds that take full advantage of the XV-Series' 4-Tone architecture and Matrix Control

SRX-06 "Complete Orchestra" contains all the waveforms found in the SR-JV80-02 "Orchestral," SR-JV80-16 "Orchestral II" and SR-JV80-13 "Vocal" collections Selected waveforms from the SR-JV80-07 "SuperSoundSet" . As such, it provides hundreds of sounds for composers, film scoring or any situation where realistic orchestral sounds and vocals are needed.

SRX-07 "Ultimate Keys" covers all the bases of live playing and MIDI sequencing, thanks to its outstanding collection of waveforms taken from the popular SR-JV80-04 "Vintage Synth," SR-JV80-08 "Keyboards of the '60s & '70s" and SR-JV80-10 "Bass & Drums" expansions. Selected waves from SR-JV80-09 "Session" and SR-JV80-03 "Piano" are also included.

With the SRX-08 "Platinum Trax," DJs and remixers gain some of the dance music sounds taken from the SR-JV80-11 "Techno," SR-JV80-12 "HipHop" and SR-JV80-19 "House" collections. As a bonus, selected waves from the SR-JV80-15 "Special FX" board have also been added.

SRX-09 "World Collection," on the other hand, offers a taste of the world through its waveforms taken from the SR-JV80-05 "World," SR-JV80-14 "Asia" and SR-JV80-18 "Latin" collections. There's even a little bit of country thrown in from the SR-JV80-17.

All titles include a CD-ROM containing the original Patch and Rhythm Set data for most of the SR-JV80-Series libraries used, giving XV owners access to these patches in addition to the all-new sounds (RD-700 cannot load this original Patch and Rhythm Set data).

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