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Cakewalk To Offer Logic Users SONAR 2.0 Crossgrade

60-Day Money Back Guarantee; Includes VST-to-DX Plug-in Adapter (60-day trial)....沒誠意嘛

July 8, 2002 -- In response to the recent acquisition of Emagic by Apple, Cakewalk will provide Logic customers with a web-based crossgrade offer to the company's flagship SONAR 2.0 and SONAR 2.0 XL digital multitrack recording systems for Windows.

Cakewalk will launch the offer to Logic customers on the cakewalk web site by Friday July 12th. Qualified Logic customers will be able to purchase SONAR 2.0 for $199 U.S. (€199) plus shipping/handling; SONAR 2.0 XL will be available for $299 US (€299) plus s/h. This offer will be available to Logic customers worldwide.

In an effort of fairness, Cakewalk will honor crossgrades for all Logic customers, whether they are currently on the Windows or Mac platform. Additional details of the Logic-to-SONAR crossgrade offer will be available on the Cakewalk web site no later than Friday, July 12th. Logic users will need to only complete an online application form to take advantage of this the special crossgrade offer. In addition Cakewalk will extend to Logic customers a 60-day money-back guarantee. The offer will be good through October 7th, 2002.

Officially launched at Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany this March, SONAR 2.0 and SONAR 2.0 XL have been met with international acclaim from professional musicians and reviewers alike. SONAR 2.0 provides unlimited digital audio and MIDI recording; real-time, fully-automatable DirectX 8 audio effects and DXi software synths; support for Reason, ReBirth and other ReWire-compatible synths; comprehensive audio loop construction and editing tools; support for importing and exporting ACID-format .WAV files; flexible project file management; and other professional music production capabilities.

SONAR 2.0 also features Cyclone DXi, a powerful 16-part, live-performance, ACID-compatible groove sampler, composition tool, and loop editor combined in a single software synth. Cyclone DXi is only available in SONAR 2.0 and SONAR 2.0 XL.

The XL edition of SONAR 2.0 provides three additional plug-ins: two fully automatable, 64-bit mastering plug-ins from Sonic Timeworks; and the DR-008 DXi drum sampler from FXpansion.

Logic users will be able to try SONAR 2.0 risk-free, for 60-days, and if not 100% satisfied, return the program for the full refund of their purchase price. Cakewalk will also provide Logic users with a free, downloadable VST-to-DX wrapper that will allow them to run any VST-compatible plug-ins within SONAR 2.0. Availability