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Mac Xserve....錄音室的最愛??



XServe可以同時裝下四個硬碟,採用DDR RAM,最大可到2GB RAM。

Introducing Xserve. Rack 'n Roll.
Rack 'n Roll.


Tech SpecsDesignArchitectureStorageSoftwareManagementSupport

Designed to unleash the cutting-edge capabilities of Mac OS X Server, these rack-optimized servers offer phenomenal processing power, jaw-dropping storage capacity, high-bandwidth I/O and remote management tools that make them a snap to deploy and maintain.

PowerPC Processors You wanted purpose-built server hardware that could harness the tremendous underlying capabilities of Mac OS X Server software. That’s why Xserve features prodigiously powerful PowerPC G4 processors, massive amounts of storage, hot-plug drives, RAID solutions, remote management tools and the ability to boot up and run without a monitor.

1.75" equals 1U You wanted a 1U rack-optimized design that would let you deploy many more servers in a single location. Wish granted: Xserve lets you stack 42 high-performance units in an industry-standard 8-foot-tall rack with up to 630 gigaflops of processing power.

.48TB You wanted vast amounts of space for storing everything from high-definition video to large scientific data sets. Accordingly, Xserve holds nearly half a terabyte of data per machine — and more than 20 terabytes per 42U rack.

Hot Swappable You wanted to be able to swap parts and replace components at will, and now you can. In fact, you can replace all components of Xserve in next to no time — with no special tools.

Server Manager And finally, you wanted next-generation monitoring and management tools that let you keep your finger on the pulse of your network. Remotely, if necessary. Xserve delivers all this and more — for about the price of competitive servers that now lag a generation behind.

Now imagine harnessing the power of up to 84 processors in a 42U rack that packs a 630-gigaflop wallop — and combining all that horsepower and storage capacity with Apple’s legendary ease of use. That, in a nutshell, is the unbeatable Xserve value proposition.

No comparison
With dual 1GHz PowerPC G4s, up to 2GB DDR SDRAM, two 64-bit 66MHz PCI slots (plus a third combination PCI/AGP slot), dual Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, USB and four Ultra ATA/100 Apple Drive Module bays, Apple’s best-in-class 1U configuration compares favorably not just with 1U competitors, but even with many 2U servers.

Mac OS X Server UNIX based Mac OS X Server, the industrial-strength server operating system
Xserve comes with Mac OS X Server, the cutting-edge, UNIX-based server operating system that gives you such coveted features as protected memory, preemptive multitasking, symmetric multiprocessing, advanced memory management and the latest in networking technologies. At the core of Mac OS X Server is the industrial-strength open source foundation called Darwin. Based on the Mach 3.0 microkernel and BSD UNIX, Darwin is the rock-solid foundation that gives Mac OS X Server its remarkable performance and stability.

Out of the box support for Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux clients
Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux clients It doesn’t matter whether you have Mac, Windows, UNIX or Linux clients — or a combination thereof — on your network. Mac OS X Server provides cross-platform support for native file sharing, as well as Apache web server and WebDAV server, POP and IMAP mail, ftp, QuickTime Streaming Server, DNS and DHCP — right out-of-the-box. Windows, UNIX and Linux are not treated any differently, and will enjoy benefits that Mac users take for granted.*

Server Manager Remote hardware monitoring
Xserve also features Server Monitor, a remote monitoring application that lets you administer your servers — on a machine-by-machine basis, or hundreds of machines at a time — with an intuitive, easy-to-use Aqua interface. You can gauge everything from system temperature, blower operation, hard drive health and Ethernet status to the condition of your power supply. Red, yellow and green lights provide a quick visual summary of hardware health, and a tabbed window interface gives you one-click access to the details of each hardware subsystem.

* NetBoot, Macintosh Manager 2 and AFP home directories are Macintosh client specific.

Buy Now The Apple Store offers convenient online ordering 24 hours a day, every day.

Unlimited Clients No per-user “taxes”
Xserve lets you eliminate the most galling expense in your department’s budget: the per-user “tax” you’ve been obliged to pay for using server software. Since Xserve comes with an unlimited-client license for the UNIX-based, industrial-strength Mac OS X Server, you can serve thousands of additional users — without spending thousands of additional dollars in licensing fees.

Hot-pluggable ATA/100 7200rpm drives
Nearly half a terabyte of storage per 1U
Xserve offers four hot-plug Ultra ATA/100 7200rpm drives, and can be configured with up to 480GB of storage per 1U server — nearly half a terabyte, and over twice that of its nearest competitor.

630 gigaflops of processing power
The Xserve 1U form factor enables you to deploy a formidable array of up to 84 PowerPC G4 processors in a standard, 42U 8-foot-tall rack that makes the best possible use of the floor space in your server room or data center (the server units have been designed to fit industry-standard four-post and telco racks, and come complete with mounting hardware). Do the math: The dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors provide 15 gigaflops of computational power per 1U. That means 42 Xserve units in a 42U rack can deliver up to an astonishing 630 gigaflops of processing power.

PDFXserve Technology Overview
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“We saw Xserve and were blown away.” Joe Shannon, vice president and CTO, Clear Channel Worldwide. More reaction...

Another industry first
CIOs, please note that Xserve is the industry’s first 1U dual processor RISC server. Not even Sun or IBM offers such phenomenal processing power in such a small package.

Open 24 Hours
24/7 AppleCare
When your operation hinges on server reliability, you can’t afford downtime. To ensure rapid issue resolution for Xserve systems, Apple offers a comprehensive range of service and support options. And since both Xserve and Mac OS X Server come from Apple, customers don’t need to figure out where the problem lies: AppleCare service and support products are as integrated as Apple’s hardware and software.

Serial port Serial console for UNIX-savvy administrators
Prefer to rule your domain through command line server management tools? The serial port lets you do just that.

Using Xserve as a rackmount workstation
Digital video professionals who are thinking of using Xserve as a rackmount workstation can get built-to-order units from the Apple Store. You can add to the capabilities of your Xserve by installing PCI cards (for connecting to SCSI storage and backup devices) in its expansion slots. You get three expansion slots that accommodate peripheral component interconnect (PCI) cards. And if you order your unit with an AGP 4X card, your Xserve will come with a high-performance video card with 64MB of DDR video RAM installed in the AGP/PCI combo slot.

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