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Navation X-Station獲得的評價

X-Station review in Sound On Sound


“The Novation X-Station 25 is a truly revolutionary product that combines several aspects of the studio into one integrated device: MIDI keyboard, MIDI control surface, eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer and a high-quality audio interface with built-in effects processors… What’s more, all of this can be run through a USB cable. Now that’s what I call portable and flexible.”

“It’s obvious that Novation has put a lot of time and effort into making the X-Station a musical instrument, not just another computer peripheral.”

“One of the X-Station’s strongest roles is that of a MIDI control surface... Novation was even thoughtful enough to include five preprinted physical templates that fit perfectly over the control panel... What a delight it is to be able to control virtually all of the parameters of Trilogy, for example, right from the X-Station! Want to fiddle with the ADSR for the amp and filter envelopes? No problem. Need to switch between layers or adjust the filter frequency and cutoff? Easy.”

“Novation states that the X-Station is in a class by itself, and I have to agree. There’s nothing else on the market that combines a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI control surface and interface, quality two-channel audio I/O with phantom power, a full-featured synthesizer and built-in effects — all in a streamlined, compact design that is not only highly functional and intuitive but also great-sounding. Aspiring producers and remixers often ask me questions about how to get started building their own project studio. I usually have some basic recommendations, but it always ends with the notion that because there are so many ways of going about it these days, there is no right or wrong answer.

It’s generally a personal preference about which computer platform to use and what sequencer to get. Now, after being exposed to the Novation X-Station 25, I can clearly say that anyone looking to get their start in the studio should take a serious look at the X-Station series. Except for a computer and a sequencer, it contains practically everything someone needs to get started and at a price that isn’t intimidating.”
現在,Novation X-station25問世後,我可以很明白的告訴任何想要開始成立工作室的人說,認真看看這台機器,除了沒有電腦跟編曲機,它包含所有開始做音樂需要的東西,並且價格不會貴到嚇人

“Pros: Massive bang for the buck. All-in-one solution for MIDI, audio... Integrated audio and MIDI through USB. Semiweighted, velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keys.”

Robert Olyesyck, Remix Mag, December 2004

“Operation is as simple as selecting a template, assigning the X-25's MIDI port to the destination synth and twiddling away. Marvellous stuff. Since the template selector is a dedicated knob, it's quick and easy to switch between controlling one synth and another.”

“The quality of the preamps and 24-bit A-D converters is very good, taking into account the price of the unit. I got good levels with both phantom powered condensers, dynamics and even plugging in my Stratocaster produced good results.”

“The bonus, however, is that the X-25 provides a rack of insert effects on each input channel. The effects' path can be bypassed, used only when monitoring or sent for recording. This makes adding a touch of reverb for a vocalist a snap and, frankly, provided me with enormous amounts of fun experimenting with different sounds. Ease of use counts for a lot when messing about... erm, being seriously creative, I mean.”

“While not lightweight (this is a well-built, solidly constructed unit) the portability of the X-25 is a boon, especially if you have, say, a PC and a laptop. The one-cable connectivity makes life as simple as it gets. The X-25 is a joy to use. Once you're used to its operation then it all makes perfect sense. Just plug it in and start playing, recording and controlling.”

“Frankly, any VSTi or plug-in that you can grab by the knobs will have you smirking with pleasure. Control of Pro-52, Ableton Live and impOSCar worked right out of the box and distracted me for hours. I was delighted to find a template provided for the Novation Supernova, which I have in a rack. Having what amounted to a dedicated controller for the Supernova suddenly turned it from a preset engine into a revitalised and flexible sound source.”

“No complaints about the synth, or quality of the audio inputs and outputs. The X-25 does its thing with aplomb.”

“It's no surprise to hear that I loved the X-25. It's an excellent piece of well-conceived design brought to life with excellent engineering based on a wealth of experience. The whole package oozes quality and imagination.”

“Rather than building a computer into a piece of gear, rather than relying on some dodgy proprietary solution, Novation has embraced the best that has gone before, the standards we already have, and made life a whole lot easier and a lot more fun for the majority.”

“Each individual component is a class act of its own. And the combination, packaged into such a tiny package, is remarkable. The X-25 is a clear step forward. I anticipate that the sincerest form of flattery will be bestowed upon it from Novation's competitors. And right now, I'm looking forward to Novation's next step.”

Marc Cooper, Future Music, September 2004

“Long live the Novation K-Station. When it arrived on the scene in 2002, it went right after the big (or little) keyboards competing in the hot market for virtual analog synths... And now, Novation has made a new offering to the two-octave crowd, but this is not just another synth. With the X-Station, Novation has carved a new niche in the synth world, and may change what we come to expect from a keyboard instrument.”

“Every piece of real estate on the 25 is taken; the panel’s packed with goodies.”

(About the 'selectably' sprung modulation wheel) “Kudos to Novation for making this a customizable feature.”

“The fact that Novation gives you, the player, these kinds of options is one indication that they were committed to making the X-Station a top-quality performance instrument. What’s more, all three X-Station models are outfitted with keyboards that transmit velocity andaftertouch. It seems more and more manufacturers are ditching aftertouch to trim costs. Not only is Novation continuing to implement this inspiring feature, but I believe that the X-Station 25 is the first two-octave synth with aftertouch. Thank you!”

“The sound engine in the X-Station is based on that found in the KS-series, and it sounds great... Gone are the KS-series drum sounds and multitimbral mode, but I’m not complaining. The added oscillator and LFO waveforms, dual effects with compression, and additional arpeggiator parameters make it a healthy upgrade from the K-Station.”

“Also nice to see on the front panel are dedicated transport controls: Rew, Fwd, Stop, Play, and Record. Combined with the nine sliders and 19 knobs surrounding them, you’ve got a complete control surface for most audio/MIDI sequencers. And how many control surfaces offer this kind of control, along with audio interface and synthesis capability? Add dual MIDI outs with built-in merging, and the value index moves northward rapidly.”

(About the audio interface) “Not an afterthought at all, but mean and lean nonetheless... And by the way, the synth audio travels directly to your computer via USB. Very clean! Also noteworthy is the X-Station’s audio monitoring scheme. Want to hear your input directly with no latency? No problem. Want to hear some reverb while you record a vocal track, but not record the reverb? It can do that too, as well as record the effects if you so desire. This is intelligent, inspired design.”

“The semi-weighted keyboard has the best feel I’ve played on a two-octave synth, and, if this is the same action found on the four- and five- octave models, you’re bound to enjoy it. It’s a fast action with just the right amount of “substance,”and the addition of aftertouch seals the deal. It’s a pleasure to play.”

“Setup of drivers from the included CD-ROM was easy and painless. I recorded with MOTU DP4, which recognized the X-Station without any input from me. The audio sounded clean and full, as did the synth.”

“Novation boasts that there is currently no other instrument like the X-Station, and I’m inclined to agree. Seeing all of the X-Station’s features so seamlessly integrated, it reminds me of when “workstation”first became a buzzword in these pages 15 years ago. Is this the model for the next-generation workstation? I’d like to think so. The difference this time around is that instead of trying to create one box on which an entire track can be produced, Novation instead chose to make a very good-sounding instrument that is also an excellent gateway to the more powerful recording and virtual synth software that MIDIots like myself have shied away from thus far. We’re pleased to call the X-Station 25 a Key Buy.”

Tom Brislin, Keyboard, September 2004

“What the X-Station does share with the ReMOTE 25 is its build quality - as soon as you get hold of it and hit a few keys, you get the feeling you're dealing with a different class of device to the super-budget MIDI controllers out there. The unit is quite light but feels solid and substantial - more an instrument than a computer peripheral. The two-octave keyboard is semi-weighted and there are smooth 'clicky' dials, a nice blue backlit LCD and lots of lights. Lights is good...”

“In fact, there's a very neat extra when it comes to power: the unit can be run from batteries and if you use rechargables, they will be charged while the unit is plugged in.”

“The X-Station is absolutely bristling with controls.”

“Some buttons, or groups of buttons, can be programmed to step through different pages, with corresponding LED feedback: a classy addition.”

“A bonus on the audio side of the package is the inclusion of built-in effects on the input path... The implementation of this feature has been thought out well, allowing flexible use. Each input's effects routing can be switched to choose whether the signal is recorded with or without effects. This is really useful, as you can, say, record dry vocals, using zero-latency monitoring, and still hear reverb and delay to help your performance. The distortion effect is of the guitar overdrive pedal variety, giving you the same luxury when plugging your guitar directly into the interface.”

“It's a pretty decent analogue-modelling synth, and by no means a toy or gimmick.”

“An extremely cool feature is that the audio from the synth can be routed directly into your host software via the USB software, because it's effectively behaving the same as an instrument connected to input 2.”

"The X-Station is almost too good to be true. You get a really nice controller keyboard with semi-weighted, aftertouch-generating keys which feels a class above the competition. You also get an unusually large number of varied hardware controllers. You get a USB audio and MIDI interface, with mic/instrument inputs and a built-in multi-effects unit. And it's also a hardware synth! All this makes the X-Station the perfect choice for use as a live controller. The main reason I say this is that in addition to handling the audio, MIDI and controller tasks for your laptop live rig, it's perfect in an emergency. For a start, you get the best of both worlds in terms of power supply. For the most part you'll get your power from the USB connection, but if your computer packs up, you can revert to the rechargable batteries. Then the built-in synth means that you will still be able to make some kind of noise, instead of just standing there staring at the boot screen. Other that this, the X-Station must be a seriously tempting option for anyone looking for an integrated desktop-music system (although my ardour has been slightly dampened by the withdrawal of the software bundle promised with the ReMOTE Audio Xtreme). In any case, it's ahead of the competition in the small-format controller-with-keyboard market.”

Simon Price, Sound On Sound, September 2004

“Having built up a solid reputation in the controller world with the ReMOTE 25, Novation have greatly upped the ante with the X-Station…”

“…let’s focus on the fact that the X-Station is a damn fine controller, utilising many of the same controls as the ReMOTE 25 but with a slightly refined layout.”

“In terms of knobs and sliders, the X-Station takes some beating, offering a ton of hands-on control…most impressively, an assignable Touchpad, which is superb for playing with effects.”

“When you’re up and running, using the X-Station is a joy.”

“The X-Station is a real winner and is certainly right up there with the best of them for the sheer amount of functionality it provides.”

5 out of 5 stars

Computer Music, Summer 2005